Seminar at the laboratory

The seminars of the laboratory are organized regularly. This page allows to find the archives of all the seminars since 01/12/2021.
The person in charge of the seminars is Marco Minissale.

Upcoming seminars:

  • 20 november 2023: John Finn – Meshfree analysis and stability in particle-based kinetic plasma simulations
  • 30 november 2023: Jordan Dezalay – to be announced



  1. 10 november: Löic Schiesko Des plasmas froids pour la fusion thermonucléaire : chauffage par injection de neutres
  2. 23 october: Niels F. W. Ligterink Frozen starships: Studies of comet 67P and the interstellar object ‘Oumuamua
  3. 28 september: David Lunney The rise or fall of antihydrogen: the GBAR* experiment at CERN
  4. 6 july 2023: Marie Landeiro Dos Reis Interation between point-defects and dislocation
  5. 22 juin: Abdou DiawAdvancing Iterative Synthetic Diagnosis Workflow for Light Impurities on WEST
  6. 20 juin: Antonio Tejeda First experiments of the angle and spin resolved inverse photoemission device
  7. 30 may: Anne Lafosse Quantifying the unavoidable contribution of electron – supported molecular film interactions – Nanolithography and astrophysics
  8. 25 may: Ghassan Antar – The Suppression of large-scale turbulence in the Tokamak Scrape-off Layer
  9. 10 may: Maria Davila Reducing the dimensionality: Silicon nanoribbons
  10. 26 april: Petr GrigorevHybrid ab initio-machine learning simulations of extended defects
  11. 28 march: Mykola IalovegaDevelopment of Additive Manufacturing Methods of Plasma-Facing Components for Novel Magnetic Fusion Confinement Devices
  12. 27 january: Hyeon K. Park – History, Science and Perspective of Fusion Energy Development


  1. 8 november: Junji YuharaFabrication and characterization of two-dimensional materials on solid surface
  2. 7 november: Mini-workshop on Complex dynamics of plasmas
  3. 14 september: Justin Little – Mode Transitions in Low-Temperature Aerospace Plasmas
  4. 08 september: Ernesto Marceca – Ultrafast solvation and recombination dynamics of electrons in fluids
  5. 05 july: Audrey Chatain – Croissance et évolution d’aérosols organiques dans des plasmas N2-CH4 et N2-H2 pour étudier l’ionosphère de Titan
  6. 24 june: Cary ForestLes fondements physiques d’un champ magnétique élevé et de miroirs de taille compacte pour la fusion nucléaire
  7. 16 june: Chijin Xiao Plasma-Wall Interaction Related Research at the University of Saskatchewan
  8. 31 may: Laurent Lamy – Etudier les magnétosphères du système solaire et au-delà à l’aide d’observations radio : de l’exploration spatiale in situ au Square Kilometer Array (SKA)
  9. 03 may: Lorenzo Giustolisi Polarisation in Spectral line profiles calculations with Magnetic Stellar Atmosphere conditions
  10. 5 april: Sylvain Bertaina – Dynamique quantique cohérente des defauts dans les chaines de spin : création et control des qubits de soliton
  11. 25 march: Audric Husson – Utilisation des pièges à ions pour la spectrométrie de masse haute résolution et la purification de faisceaux d’ions radioactifs
  12. 19 march: Matheus Lazzarotto – Dynamique chaotique dans un potentiel périodique 2D
  13. 24 february: Guillaume Brochard – Simulations gyrocinétiques de modes MHD globaux : vérification et validation à l’aide des expériences DIII-D, et application aux plasmas ITER


  1. 1er december: Alan Durif – Tungsten damage assessment tools for thermonuclear fusion reactor