03 mai 2022

Seminar by Lorenzo Giustolisi – University of Catania

Polarisation in Spectral line profiles calculations with Magnetic Stellar Atmosphere conditions 
A seminar given by
Lorenzo Giustolisi
Catania Astrophysical Observatory – University of Catania (Italy) 
Polarisation in Spectral line profiles calculations with Magnetic Stellar Atmosphere conditions
will take place on Tuesday, May 3rd at 14:00 in the salle du Conseil – service 322 of the PIIM laboratory (Campus St. Jerome) (or by Zoom)

Abstract: Spectropolarimetry is a well-established technique to infer magnetic fields in observative astrophysics. In particular, Full Stokes spectropolarimetry is the only way to obtain full information on magnetic field geometries by means of polarised light in spectra. In this optics, a new method for modelling full Stokes parameters with Zeeman-Stark effect is in development and aims to reproduce line profiles in plasma conditions similar to those found in stellar atmospheres. This may also have direct applications to Magnetic White Dwarfs (MWDs), whose spectra until now have been taken only in Stokes I and Stokes V (few cases). Future observations may be combined with simulations to retrieve magnetic geometries from H Balmer lines. 

Bio: Bsc and Msc Degrees in Physics with Astrophysics curriculum at University of Catania. Master Thesis with title « Zeeman non-Doppler imaging of HD24712 » on application of Spectropolarimetry to magnetic field measurements in Chemically peculiar (CP) Ap stars.Currently PhD student in Physics XXXVI cycle at University of Catania working on typical observative astrophysical techniques applied to plasma physics and line shape calculations of plasmas of astrophysical interest.

We will be glad to welcome you all with coffee and pastries at 13:30.
03 mai 2022, 14h0015h00
Laboratoire PIIM, Service 322
Avenue Escradille Normandie Niemen, 13013 Marseille