16 juin 2022

Seminar by Chijin Xiao – University of Saskatchewan

Plasma-Wall Interaction Related Research at the University of Saskatchewan

A seminar given by

Dr. Chijin Xiao
Professor at the University of Saskatchewan (Canada)

Plasma-Wall Interaction Related Research at the University of Saskatchewan

will take place on
Thursday, June 16th at 14:30
in the salle du Conseil – service 322 of the PIIM laboratory (Campus St. Jerome)

Abstract : The envisaged power load on the plasma-facing components, particularly on the diverters, in the future tokamaks, such as in ITER, will well exceed 1 MW/m2. High power load will not only damage the plasma-facing components (PFCs), but also generate tritium-containing dusts. For compact spherical tokamaks with high magnetic field, the power load is even higher. Study of plasma-wall interaction (PWI) is important not only for choosing suitable first-wall materials, but also for understanding transport of the dust particles produced by PWI. At the University of Saskatchewan, compact torus (CT), a high-density and high-speed plasmoid confined by its own magnetic field, and dense plasma focus (DPF), an excellent plasma source for producing high flux and high-energy ion beams in our case, are used as plasma sources to study PWI on various substrate samples. A dust dispenser has been designed and characterized to introduce dust particles to the STOR-M tokamak discharge or to be incorporated in CTs for injecting dust-containing CTs to the core of the STOR-M discharges.  This talk will present the features of the plasma sources used, some experimental results for PWI studies, and the plans for studies of dust dynamics in the STOR-M tokamak.

Bio: Chijin obtained his B.Sc. and M.Sc. degrees from the University of Science and Technology of China, Hefei and the Doctor of Natural Science degree from the Ruhr-University Bochum, Germany, all specializing in Plasma Physics. He joined the Plasma Physics Laboratory at the University of Saskatchewan, first as a Postdoctoral Fellow and then as a Research Associate before joining the faculty of the Department of Physics and Engineering Physics at the University of Saskatchewan. Dr Xiao is currently a tenured full professor at the University of Saskatchewan. Dr. Xiao’s research interests have been in plasma physics and engineering for fusion research and industrial applications, particularly in plasma production and diagnostics. Over his career, Dr. Xiao has worked on a variety of plasma devices including the STOR-M tokamak, compact torus injectors, dense plasma focus, RF and microwave plasma devices. Dr. Xiao has trained many HQPs including Ph.D. and M.Sc. students, PDFs and a research engineer. Dr Xiao is currently the principal investigator for the STOR-M tokamak. He authored and co-authored over 130 journal papers.

We will be glad to welcome the speaker with a coffee and pastries at 14:00.

16 juin 2022, 14h0016h00
Salle du conseil, Service 322 (Campus St. Jerome)