10 mai 2023

Seminar by María E. DAVILA – ICMM (Spain)

Reducing the dimensionality: Silicon nanoribbons

A seminar given by

Dr. María E. DAVILA

Professor at Instituto de Ciencia de Materiales de Madrid – ICMM – CSIC (Spain)


Reducing the dimensionality: Silicon nanoribbons

will take place on
Wednesday, May 10th at 10:00
in the salle du Conseil – service 322 of the PIIM laboratory (Campus St. Jerome)

Abstract: In recent years the discovery of different forms of nanostructures in many  materials (nanospheres, nanotubes, nanowires, as well as their derivatives) has raised much scientific and technological excitement. As the most important electronic materials, silicon in its nanoscale forms, has stimulated major interest because of the peculiar emerging physical properties, such as light emission, field emission, and quantum confinement effects. In my seminar, I will especially focus on silicon nanoribbons, a new allotrope uniquely made of Si pentagonal buiding blocks, whose physical properties could be explored  in details.

Bio: María E Dávila research focuses on “The synthesis and characterization of low-dimensional materials with special emphasis on semiconductors”. Her interests include “Determining the structural and electronic structure of those materials”. She has expertise in “The use of synchrotron radiation techniques to explore the physics and chemistry of low-dimensional materials”. She completed her PhD in Condensed Matter Physics at University Auronoma of Madrid in 1996, followed by a Post-doctoral fellowship at University of Uppsala and KTH in Sweden.

10 mai 2023, 10h0011h30
salle du Conseil - service 322 of the PIIM laboratory (Campus St. Jerome)