Interaction plasma surface
PIIM - UMR 7345

Physics of the Interactions of Ions and Molecules


PIIM is a joint research laboratory of the CNRS and Aix-Marseille University located in Marseille, France. It brings together physicists and physical chemists who study dilute media - such as gases, plasmas and beams of ions, atoms and/or molecules - as well as their interactions with matter. Our researchers aim to understand the physical phenomena in these media in order to analyse and characterise matter.

ITER Visit

Our colleague Julien Denis, researcher in the PATP team, took the initiative to organize a visit of ITER for the members of the laboratory.

An introduction to exobiology

Are we alone in the universe? How did life come to be on Earth? Learn how scientists are trying to answer these fascinating questions! The PIIM laboratory, thanks to the work of Vassilissa Vinogradoff, researcher in the ASTRO team, contributes to bring answers to these questions for the general public.