The research conducted at the laboratory is carried out within the framework of the strategy developed for the period 2017-2022. This strategy is articulated around four axes and is implemented by seven teams and one research operation.

One strategy

The research strategy of the laboratory was developed as part of the preparation for the evaluation of the laboratory.

Four axis

The research carried out is based on four axes: Atoms, Ions and Molecules in all their states, Plasmas, Fusion Sciences and Tokamak Physics, Surfaces, Interfaces, Reactivity. The research teams that make up the laboratory are involved, each with a different emphasis, in these Molécules dans tous leurs états, Plasmas, Sciences de le Fusion et Physique du Tokamak, Surfaces, Interfaces, Réactivité. Les équipes de recherche qui composent le laboratoire s’inscrivent, chacune avec un poids différent, autour de ces axes.

Seven teams

Seven research teams form the core of the PIIM laboratory.