24 juin 2022

Seminar by Cary Forest – University of Wisconsin

The physics basis for a high-field, compact mirror path to fusion

A seminar given by

Dr. Cary Forest, Professor at the University of Wisconsin (USA)


The physics basis for a high-field, compact mirror path to fusion

will take place on
Friday, June 24th at 14:15
in the salle du Conseil – service 322 of the PIIM laboratory (Campus St. Jerome)

Abstract: The talk will include a historical overview, mirror tutorial, and overview on the Wisconsin HTS Axisymmetric Mirror.
A public-private partnership between the UW Madison, MIT and Commonwealth Fusion Systems has been formed to build and operate a compact, high-field simple mirror WHAM (the Wisconsin HTS Axisymmetric Mirror) showing how compact end plugs can now be built for axisymmetric tandem mirrors. It builds on recent physics breakthroughs in stability and confinement, critical technological advances in superconductivity, and the availability of high-power reactor relevant heating systems. Two mirror coils will be constructed using REBCO high temperature superconducting material by CFS (17 T mirrors). Hot and high-density target plasmas will be created using high frequency ECH from modern gyrotrons. Fast sloshing ions will be created and energized by a novel RF heating scenario in which neutral beam injection is used to fuel ions which are then accelerated in situ to high energy by High Harmonic Fast Wave. Quasi-stationary plasmas (plasma duration >> ion slowing down and characteristic confinement times) will be created with electron temperatures of 1 keV, average ion energies of 20 keV and a densities that that approach the plasma pressure limit. The end product will be a realistic conceptual design of a low cost ($100M) Break Even Axisymmetric Tandem (BEAT). Finally, several lucrative off-ramps for this research have been identified that would lead to fusion neutron sources useful for academic and industrial purposes that may help accelerate progress towards fusion energy by stimulating additional investment.

The talk will be followed by a seminar given by :

Dr. Mykola Ialovega, post-doc at the university of Wisconsin (USA)


Functional first-wall interface for advanced fusion concepts

This will complement Prof. Forest’s talk on the plasma-facing material choices for WHAM and give an overview on a development of an absorbing first-wall interface as well as a deposition technique for manufacturing and on-site repair of plasma-facing components.

zBio: Dr. Cary Forest is professor at the Physics Department at the University of Wisconsin-Madison (USA) https://home.physics.wisc.edu/caryforest/

Dr. Mykola Ialovega is postdoc at the Engineering Physics Department at the UW and former PhD student at IRFM (CEA-Cadarache) and PIIM laboratory.

We will be glad to welcome the speakers with a coffee and pastries at 14:00.

24 juin 2022, 14h0016h00
Salle du Conseil, service 322 St Jerome