23 novembre 2021

Samuele Mazzi’s thesis defence

Samuele Mazzi, PhD student in the DSC team, will soon defend his thesis on impact of fast ions on microturbulence in fusion plasmas

Jury composition:

    1. Pascale Hennequin, Ecole Polytechnique (CNRS), France — Commitee president
      Paola Mantica, National Research Council, Italy — Reviewer
      Olivier Sauter, Swiss Plasma Center (EPFL), Switzerland — Reviewer
      Alberto Loarte, ITER Organization — Examiner
      Carlos Hidalgo, CIEMAT, Spain — Examiner
      Gerardo Giruzzi, CEA Cadarache, France — Invited
      Jeronimo Garcia, CEA Cadarache, France — Thesis supervisor
      David Zarzoso, AMU (CNRS), France — Thesis supervisor
      Sadruddin Benkadda, AMU (CNRS), France — Thesis Director


Keywords: Fast Ions, Microturbulence, Tokamak

The exploitation of magnetically confined fusion plasmas as a sustainable and clean energy source is limited by the radially outward turbulent transport. Such transport is mainly induced by microinstabilities. Next-generation fusion devices will be mainly heated by the alpha particles born from the nuclear fusion reactions. Alpha particles must be well confined in order to transfer their energy to the bulk ions. However, very little knowledge is available regarding the interaction between alpha particles and microturbulence. Thus, unexpected turbulence and transport regimes may lead to further detrimental effects on the performance of future alpha-heated devices. The study of a tokamak scenario which can mimic the experimental conditions expected in future devices is hence crucial. Numerical investigations on the impact of fast ions on the turbulent transport driven by Ion Temperature Gradient and Trapped Electron Mode instabilities in real experiments have been carried out. It is shown that a suppression of the ion-scale turbulent transport may be achieved. Alfvén Eigenmodes (AEs) destabilized by the highly energetic ions through a wave-particle interaction play an essential role in the multi-scale mechanism leading to the turbulence suppression. Deep analyses further highlight the possibility to recognize hallmarks of the ion-scale transport reduction, regardless the dominant turbulent regime.

23 novembre 2021, 14h3016h00
Amphitheatre Tian-Calvet
Madirel laboratory building
Saint-Jérôme campus