19 octobre 2023

PIIM Coffee on 19/10

Next PIIM coffee will be held on thursday 19th October 2023.

The speaker for this session will be Matheus Lazarotto, junior researcher in Turbulence Plasma team where he works with Yves Elskens and Iberê Caldas (São Paulo university). His work is supported through a partnership between CAPES and COFECUP , an exchange program between Brazil and France. He will speak about Chaotic dynamics in periodic potentials.

Abstract: The diffusion of particles in periodic potential models has provided a good framework for studying the role of chaos in global properties of classical systems. Here, a Hamiltonian model with a symmetric potential, classically modelled after an optical lattice system, was initially used to numerically study diffusion transitions while varying the system’s control parameters. During this process, unexpected fluctuations in diffusivity were found to be related to a new dynamical behaviour, specifically, the appearance of stability islands in phase-space. In this context, this work presents theoretical and numerical tools for visualizing complex dynamics in Hamiltonian systems and shows how the symmetries in the model are responsible for the found phenomenon. Beyond that, the numerical techniques applied for analyses throughout this work are of wide use and can be adapted for generic conservative Hamiltonian systems, allowing their study as their parameters change in an automated way.

Thanks in advance to him. Just a reminder that these meetings are open to all – feel free to contact us if you want to present something.