ITER Visit

22 février 2022 par Eric Rostang
Our colleague Julien Denis, researcher in the PATP team, took the initiative to organize a visit of ITER for the members of the laboratory.

A first part of the laboratory was able to visit the ITER site on Tuesday, February 22, 2022. This is an extraordinary site, as much for its size as for the diversity of the skills it mobilizes and the treasures of engineering and team spirit that had to be deployed to design and begin the realization of such a demonstrator.

On our arrival we were taken care of in a very professional way. After a dressing session (helmet, shoes, gloves and yellow vests), we attended a presentation of the project at the visitors’ center.

Then we had the chance to visit the assembly hall and the pit of the Tokamak, guided by three scientists who were able to explain to us in a remarkable way the progress of the site.

An impressive construction site! A really enriching visit. Thank you Julien for this initiative and thank you to Hélène, Richard, Jean-Louis and Marco for their welcome and their explanations.