2023 papers from the WHeSCI project:

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Physical Sciences Forum 5 (2023) 41
"Multi-Objective Optimization of the Nanocavities Diffusion in Irradiated Metals"

2022 papers from the WHeSCI project:

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Nuclear Fusion 62 (2022) 126022
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"The role of defects, deuterium, and surface morphology on the optical response of beryllium"

2021 papers from the WHeSCI project:

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"Effect of Purity on the Vacancy Defects Induced in Self–Irradiated Tungsten: A Combination of PAS and TEM"

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Nuclear Materials and Energy 26 (2021) 100885
"Deuterium and helium outgassing following plasma discharges in WEST: Delayed D outgassing during D-to-He changeover experiments studied with threshold ionization mass spectrometry"

2020 papers from the WHeSCI project:

[24] E.A. Hodille, S. Markelj, M. Pecovnik, M. Ajmalghan, Z.A. Piazza, Y. Ferro, T. Schwarz-Selinger, C. Grisolia
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2019 papers from the WHISCI and WHeSCI projects:

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"Comparison of dynamic deuterium retention in single-crystal and poly-crystals of tungsten : The role of natural defects"

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2018 papers from the WHISCI project:

[11] M. Minissale, G.T. Zeweldi, R. Bisson, and L. Gallais
Nuclear Fusion 58 (2018) 096012
"The effect of surface temperature on optical properties of molybdenum mirrors in the visible and near-infrared domains"

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"Saturation of tungsten surfaces with hydrogen: A density functional theory study complemented by low energy ion scattering and direct recoil spectroscopy data"

2017 papers from the WHISCI project:

[8] M. Minissale, C. Pardanaud, R. Bisson, and L. Gallais
Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 50 (2017) 455601
"The temperature dependence of optical properties of tungsten in the visible and near-infrared domains: an experimental and theoretical study"

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"Retention and release of hydrogen isotopes in tungsten Plasma Facing Components: the role of grain boundaries and the native oxide layer from a joint experiment-simulation integrated approach"

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2016 papers from the WHISCI project:

[4] M. Minissale, R. Bisson, and L. Gallais
Proc. SPIE 10014 (Boulder, Colorado, United States, 2016) 100141Q
"Laser remote heating in vacuum environment to study temperature dependence of optical properties for bulk materials"

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Physica Scripta T167 (2016) 014027
"Raman microscopy investigation of beryllium materials"

2015 papers from the WHISCI project:

[1] R. Bisson, S. Markelj, O. Mourey, F. Ghiorghiu, K. Achkasov, J.-M. Layet, P. Roubin, G. Cartry, C. Grisolia, and T. Angot
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"Dynamic fuel retention in tokamak wall materials: An in situ laboratory study of deuterium release from polycrystalline tungsten at room temperature"