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Verification of Gyrokinetic codes : theoretical background and applications.

par Caroline CHAMPENOIS - publié le

séminaire du laboratoire
mardi 31 mai à 11:00, service 361 du campus Saint-Jérôme

Natalia Tronko
Max Planck Institute für Plasmaphysik, Garching, Germany

abstract :

In fusion plasmas the strong magnetic field allows the fast gyro motion to be systematically removed from the description of the dynamics, resulting in a considerable model simplification and gain of computational time. Nowadays, the gyrokinetic (GK) codes play a major role in the understanding of the development and the saturation of turbulence and in the prediction of the consequent transport. The realistic description of a burning plasma provides problems of increased complexity, which involve the interaction among MHD modes, turbulence and energetic particles and which represent a hard computational challenge. Present prediction capabilities strongly depend on the reliability of gyrokinetic codes in parameter domains in which limited verification has been performed so far, e.g. for radially global simulations at high β, which are required for advanced fusion reactor scenarios.
In this work, we present a new and generic theoretical framework and specific numerical applications to test the validity and the domain of applicability of existing GK codes.

contact : Magali Muraglia


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