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Two-dimensional complex plasmas : Equilibrium and non-equilibrium regimes

par Caroline CHAMPENOIS - publié le


mardi 21 juillet 2015 à 11:00, service 322 du campus Saint-Jérôme

Alexei Ivlev
Max Planck Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics, Garching, Germany

I will summarize recent experimental and theoretical progress in studies of two-dimensional (2D) complex plasmas.

First, generic processes of melting and re-crystallization will be discussed, which can be observed and investigated in 2D complex plasmas. Furthermore, the dominant plasma-specific mechanism of melting operating in 2D plasma crystals, the mode-coupling instability, will be presented. The onset of the instability identifies the "dividing line" between the regimes when the melting occurs due to specific processes peculiar to complex plasmas, and when 2D complex plasmas can indeed be employed as a model system to study generic strong-coupling phenomena (such as melting of 2D solids).

Finally, I will focus on quasi-2D binary complex plasmas, where microparticles of two different sorts levitate in a plasma at slightly different heights and so their interactions become essentially nonreciprocal. This allows us to employ complex plasmas to investigate properties of systems where Newton’s third law is broken. In particular, it is rigorously shown that in certain cases such systems, being intrinsically nonequilibrium, can nevertheless be described in terms of equilibrium statistical mechanics and exhibit detailed balance with distinct temperatures for each species.

Contact local : Lénaïc Couëdel


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