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Tuning the Van der Waals Atoms/surface Interaction with a Nanostructured Plasmonic Metamaterial

par Caroline CHAMPENOIS - publié le

séminaire du laboratoire
vendredi 29 avril à 14:00, service 361 du campus Saint-Jérôme

David Wilkowski
UMI MajuLab, Centre for Quantum Technologies, Centre for Disruptive Photonic Technologies.
Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

abstract :

Since a long time the spectral properties of free atoms have be seen as a test bench of physical theories and precision measurements. However, these properties are modified if atoms are located at proximity of an interface. In this respect, we have recently studied the optical response of a caesium atomic vapour close to a nanostructured metallic meta-surface. We find that the hyperfine sub-Doppler spectrum of the atoms is strongly affected by the plasmonic resonances induced by the metamaterial. We interpret the modifications of the atomic spectrum using a mean field approach, where the metamaterial is replaced by an effective quasi 2D bulk material having the same farfield optical properties. It turns out that the etalon effect in the bulk material and the surface Van der Waals interaction play major roles. The latter shows a resonance-like behaviour as function of the relative position of the plasmonic resonance with respect to the atomic resonance.

contact : Caroline Champenois


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