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Spectroscopy and Reaction Dynamics in Ion Traps

par Caroline CHAMPENOIS - publié le

séminaire du laboratoire
mardi 6 septembre à 14:00, service 361 du campus Saint-Jérôme

Pavol Jusko
Physikalisches Institut, Universität zu Köln, Germany

abstract :

Ion traps are a well known tool used for studies of ion molecule reactions.
Amongst main advantages over other common methods are sensitivity and the fact,
that conditions at which the reactions are taking place can be very well defined.
Examples of anion molecule reactions of H-, D-, O- with H/H2 and D2 will be
Ion traps are also used in spectroscopy, where an action spectroscopy scheme has
to be applied. More recently schemes providing access even to pure rotational
transitions, i.e. very low photon energies, has been developed. These schemes
will be demonstrated on spectroscopy of ions of astrophysical interest
(e.g. H3+, CD2H+).

contact : Patrice Theulé


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