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Recent progress on turbulence studies in Kyushu University

par Caroline CHAMPENOIS - publié le

séminaire au laboratoire
vendredi 26 janver 11:00

Makoto Sasaki

Kyushu Univ., Japan

abstract :

An overview of recent progress on turbulence studies in Kyushu University is given. A linear plasma device, PANTA, has performed experiments on nonlinear turbulence phenomenon such as the formation of zonal flows and streamers [1]. In PANTA, steep profiles of the density and parallel flow have been observed [2]. A theoretical prediction has shown that the resistive drift wave and D’Angelo mode can be unstable in PANTA, where the resistive drift wave is destabilized by the density gradient, and the D’Angelo mode is driven by the parallel flow shear [3]. A three dimensional simulation has been performed, and the bifurcation between the resistive drift wave and the D’Angelo mode has been obtained. The macroscopic flow pattern is bifurcated, associated with the bifurcation of the turbulence state [4]. In the seminar, I briefly introduce an overview of the PANTA experiments, and focus on the competition of turbulence between the drift wave and the D’Angelo mode.

[1] T. Yamada, et. al., Nature Phys., 4, 721 (2008).
[2] S. Inagaki, et. al., Sic. Rep., 6, 22189 (2016).
[3] Y. Kosuga, et. al, Plasma Fusion Res., 10, 3401024 (2015). [4] M. Sasaki, et. al., Phys. Plasmas, 24, 112103 (2017).

contact : Alexandre Escarguel


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