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Raman Microspectrometer

par Cédric PARDANNAUD - publié le , mis à jour le

I. Technical characteristics :

-  The technique :
o Inelastic diffusion of photons
o Used to identify a solid or a molecule by interpreting its spectroscopic signature
o Fast and non destructive
o Possibility to integrate spectra with low power (to prevent sample alteration) by moving the sample under the beam during measurement

-  The commercial set-up :
o Labram HR from the Horiba Jobin Yvon company installed in 2008
o Continuous laser sources available (≈mW) : 325 nm, 514 nm, 633 nm
o Gratings : 600, 1800, 2400 lines/mm
o Motorized x,y stage
o Coupling with an optical microscope (micrometric lateral resolution)
o Spectral domain : above 80 cm-1
o Notch filter for stockes/anti-stokes measurement

Microspectromètre Raman

-  Environmental cells for in-situ measurements :
o heating under neutral or O2 atmosphere (Linkam TS1500 : below 200°C.min-1, Tmax=1500°C, 2 bar)
o Catalytic cell for heating under atmosphere (Linkam CCR1000 : below 200°C.min-1, Tmax=1000°C, 5 bar)

II. Examples :

III. Publications containing data acquired with this set-up

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