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general introduction

par Caroline CHAMPENOIS, Martina KNOOP - publié le , mis à jour le

The group’s research concerns the interaction between one or several lasers and ions in a radio-frequency trap, for applications ranging from optical frequency metrology to the control of the equilibrium and dynamics of a large laser cooled sample (a non-neutral plasma).

To this purpose, several experimental set-up are developed in the lab, implying trapping devices and lasers we design. A Ti:Sa laser was built in the lab to take advantage of the very narrow optical transition of calcium ions at 729 nm. This can be done within one or several photon excitation scheme in the prospect of high precision measurements (see "time and frequency metrology"). According to the chosen scheme, it is relevant to excite a single ion, a small number of ions organized in a shape controlled potential or even a cold cloud, in its gas or liquid phase. For studies implying a large number of trapped ions, we have built the TADOTI trap. One of its major peculiarity is to allow the ions to be confined in linear trap of different geometry and to be shuttled from one part to the other, remaining laser cooled.

march 2017 : meeting of the French ion trappers in Marseille