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- Team leader : Thierry Angot

Image de 10nmx10nm par microscopie à effet tunnel (Vbias = 50 mV, I = 0,35 nA) : génération d’ondes de densité de charges dues à l’adsorption d’un atome d’hydrogène sur une surface de graphite HOPG.


Scientists :


PhD students :

The main activity of the group is developed within the context of nuclear fusion research, particularly focused on issues related to plasma-wall interaction (PWI) in Tokamaks. In collaboration with the French fusion federation/CEA - Euratom/EUROfusion Association, our research aims to shed light onto the fundamental mechanisms behind deuterium retention into the wall, erosion of the wall, production of negative ions on walls, ... , from the atomic scale to the mesoscopic scale.

A second activity important activity concerns both nano science and surface science of two-dimensional materials. For example, the study of 2D materials like silicene and germanene and their functionalisation, self-assembled molecular layers and doping. We also recently studied the electronic and vibrational properties of hydrogenated graphene.

For all these activities we have developed several collaborations with international groups.

Our works are carried on four different experimental set-up : Phisis, Nautilus, Camiter and AMU-PSI, as well as on synchrotrons.

Recent results
In the last three years we published studies on :
- the growth of silicene and its functionalisation with hydrogen and other molecules on Ag(111)
- the adsorption of hydrogen (deuterium) on graphene
- the absorption and desorption of hydrogen (deuterium) in/from tungsten
- the applications of cathodic and anodic sheath in a RF plasma for the production of negative ions
- the vibrational and electronic properties of self-assembled phtalocyanines layers on metallic and semiconducting substrates.

Since 2008 eight PhD thesis have been defended :
- Florin Ghiorghiu (2017)
- Xin Yang (2017)
- Daniel Beato Medina (2016)
- Kostiantyn Achkasov (2015)
- Ahmad Ahmad (2012)
- Cédric Thomas (2008)
- Loïc Schiesko (2008)
- Patrick Amsalem (2008)

as well as two "habilitation à diriger des recherches" :
- Gilles Cartry (2010)
- Marcel Carrère (2009).