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The CIML team is a member of GDR IQFA.
This GDR covers the period 2010-2013 inclusive. The new GDR, supported by the Canadian Institutes INP and Insis CNRS, has more than 50 participating laboratories on the themes of quantum information.

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The CIML team is a partner in equipment excellence REFIMEVE +, hosted by Chardonnet C, LPL, University Paris XIII. The REFIMEVE + project - fiber metrology REseau to European Vocation + - is based on the world’s first scientist, long-distance transfer of an ultra-stable optical frequency on the Internet without traffic disruption.

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Initiated by CIML team, IOTA EU cooperation network is funded by COST in FP7.
This network of "ion trapping" brings together themes from the interrogation of biomolecules to quantum computation with single atoms through the ultra-cold chemistry and metrology of fundamental constants. A dynamic program of workshops and schools promotes trade and inter-team collaborations. Collaborative research grants for young researchers are an important way to build strong relationships.
Founded more than forty European groups, the network is open, it is now spreading outside Europe over twenty countries.

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