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PhD Student - Université d’Aix Marseille
Centre saint Jérôme -service 252

Main Research interests

  • Formation of interstellar/cometary ice analogues, solid/gas phase interactions
  • Analytical development and validation for organic matter analysis
  • Reactive cryogenic matrices irradiation and chemical evolution

Research Experience

Sept. 2019 until present (PhD)
Characterization of organic matter in analogues of solar system objects ; with Dr. Grégoire Danger, Université Aix Marseille, PIIM UMR7345, Marseille, France

Jan. to Juil. 2019 (M2)
GC-OrbitrapTM as organic matter analyser for future space missions ; with Dr. Grégoire Danger, Université Aix Marseille, PIIM UMR7345, Marseille, France

May to Juil. 2017 (M1)
Diazotization of amines under prebiotic conditions ; with Dr. John Sutherland et Dr. David Russell, MRC LMB, Cambridge, Royaume-Uni

May to June 2016 (L3)
Enantioseparation of monosaccharides as O-trifluoroacetyl derivatives using GCxGC-ToF ;with Dr. Uwe J. Meierhenrich et Dr. Iuliia Myrgoridska, ICN UMR7272, Nice, France


2015 – 2019 (L3 to M2)
École Normale Supérieure de Lyon
Master Sciences de la Matière, “Chimie, concepts et applications”
Agrégation Physique-Chimie option Chimie
Master Sciences de la Matière, “Formation à l’enseignement"
Licence Sciences et technologies, Chimie, "Sciences de la matière"

2013 – 2015 (L1 - L2)
Lycée Sainte Geneviève (Versailles, France)
Groupe Physique et Chimie

Lycée Auguste Angellier (Dunkerque, France)
Baccalauréat général en Série Scientifique
Allgemeine Hochschulreife Moyenne (Abibac)

Teaching experience

Sep. 2019 until present (PhD)
Monitorat, IUT GCGP 2nd year, IUT Aix-Marseille
Analytical Chemistry, Introduction to Python

Sep. 2018 to Jan. 2019 (M2)
Vacations, IUT HSE 1st year, IUT Lumière Lyon 2
Atomistics, Chemical basis, Thermodynamics


Google Scholar

1. A Mariani, DA Russell, T Javelle, JD Sutherland, A light-releasable potentially prebiotic nucleotide activating agent, 2018, Journal of the American Chemical Society 140 (28), 8657-8661.
2. I Myrgorodska, T Javelle, C Meinert, UJ Meierhenrich, Enantioresolution and quantification of monosaccharides by comprehensive two‐dimensional gas chromatography, 2017, Journal of Chromatography A 1487, 248-253
3. I Myrgorodska, T Javelle, C Meinert, UJ Meierhenrich, Enantioselective Gas Chromatography in Search of the Origin of Biomolecular Asymmetry in Outer Space, 2016, Israel Journal of Chemistry 56 (11-12), 1016-1026