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International Workshop on synthetic elemental silicene-like materials

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16 february 2018
location : fondation IMéRA

  • Thierry Angot PIIM, CNRS, Aix-Marseille Univ. (France)
    Hydrogenation of epitaxial graphene and silicene
  • Maurizio Decrescenzi Univ. Roma II (Italy)
    Raman and STM investigation of air-stable silicene nanosheets on an inert graphite surface
  • Paola De Padova ISM CNR, Rome (Italy)
    Multilayer silicene
  • Antoine Fleurence JAIST (Japan)
    Epitaxial silicene on ZrB2(0001) : Fabrication and properties
  • Jorge Iribas Cerda ICMM, CSIC, Madrid (Spain)
    Pentagonal Si-NRs on Ag(110)
  • Guy Le Lay PIIM, CNRS, Aix-Marseille Univ. (France)
    Planar epitaxial stanene
  • Fadil Liyakanat Izmir (Turkey)
    DFT study on structures of silicene on Al(111)
  • Rémy Pawlak UNIBAS, Basel (Switzerland)
    Real-space observation of 1D- and 2D silicene structures on silver
  • Hasan Sahin Izmir (Turkey)
    Alpha and Beta Silicenes : Hydrogenation and Nanoscale Coating Performance
  • Patrick Vogt TU Chemnitz (Germany)
    Vibrational signature of silicene
  • Lede Xian MPSD, Hamburg (Germany)
    New members of elemental 2D materials : square selenene and tellurene


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