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Post-doctorant - Université d’Aix Marseille
Centre saint Jérôme -service 252
Office phone : + 33 4 91 28 85 82


Main Research interests

- Formation of complex organic molecules (COMs) in the star-forming regions, comets and meteorites : study of radical reactivity (intermediary species) under conditions simulating those of interstellar ices, i.e. low temperature and low presure.

- Dynamics and photodynamics of molecular and atomic systems at low temperatures : relationship of conformational structure and electronic states with processes such as hydrogen transfer, tunneling, nuclear spin conversion, photoisomerization, intermolecular complex stability and solid lattice reagenments from both experimental and theoretical approaches.


Paris-Saclay University, Paris, France.
PhD in Physics.
Thesis title : “Molecules and complexes with hydrogen bond : solvation and photoreactivity in cryogenic matrices”
Supervisor : Prof. Claudine Crépin-Gilbert.

Chemistry Faculty. Havana University, La Habana, Cuba.
MSc. in Chemistry (Physical-Chemistry)
Thesis title : “Photodynamic processes upon Rydberg excitation of Nitrogen Monoxide in Ne solid matrix”
Supervisor : Prof. Germán Rojas Lorenzo

2006 - 2011
Higher Institute of Technologies & Applied Sciences, La Habana, Cuba.
Bachelor in Radiochemistry (Summa cum Laude)
Thesis Title : “Solid film formation on SDS:CTAB catanionic system with potential for encapsulating compounds of interest”
Supervisor : PhD. Aurora Pérez Gramatges

Teaching experience

2013- 2017
Higher Institute of Technologies & Applied Sciences, CU
Delivering laboratory and tutorials sessions on Chemical Kinetics, Thermodynamics, Molecular Spectroscopy and Nuclear Chemistry in the Radiochemistry undergraduate level programm.

Orsay Faculty and Polytech (Paris Sud XI University), FR
Delivering laboratory and tutorials sessions for courses in Solid Chemistry, Thermochemistry and solution chemistry, and Thermochemistry in the chemistry undergraduate level and engineer master programs.

Assistant Professor
Higher Institute of Technologies & Applied Sciences, CU
Delivering lectures, workshops and/or tutorials sessions on Quantum Chemistry Chemical Kinetics, Molecular Spectroscopy and Introduction to Radiochemistry. Delivering lectures and workshops sessions on Applied Informatics (advanced IT skills for novel researchers) in the Radiochemistry Master program.

Admin Experience

2017- 2019
Second Head of Radiochemistry Department at Higher Institute of Technologies & Applied Sciences, Cuba.
2017- 2019
Member and main organizer of the Radiochemistry MSc. program committee.


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