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Homogeneous Ion Chain in Surface RF Traps

par Caroline CHAMPENOIS - publié le

mardi 23 juillet à 14:00 en salle du conseil de PIIM service 322.

Current investigations on tritiated dust and its impact on tokamak safety
Jofre Pedregosa
PIIM and MajuLab (CQT) National University Singapore

Laser cooled ions in RF traps have proven useful in a myriad of different domains : quantum computing, metrology, cold chemistry, phase transition studies. In particular, the topological phase transition between 1D and 2D (the chain to zig-zag transition) have been used to study nano-friction and the Inhomogenous Kibble-Zurek mechanism as well as being the main topology used in quantum computing.

In this talk, a method will presented to generate uniformly spaced ion chains as opposite to the standard ion chain, who has a non-uniform density. Such Homogeneous Ion Chain will open the door to the study of the Homogeneous Kibble-Zurek and to quantum gates protocols based on radial modes, to cite some examples.

A new surface RF trap design will be also presented in which the Homogeneous Ion Chain is expected to be realised in the near future.

contact : Caroline Champenois


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