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Controlling Turbulence using RF waves in tokamaks

par Caroline CHAMPENOIS - publié le

28 septembre à 11h - service 362.

Ghassan Antar

American University of Beirut, Libanon

abstract :
The properties of turbulence in the scrape-off layer of the tokamaks are analyzed as a function of the RF power using Langmuir probes with data acquisition systems enabling us to resolve up to 100MHz. We report strong effect of the RF waves on turbulence by reducing mainly the intermittent component of the turbulence. It is shown that the excitation of ionic sound waves and their interaction with turbulence could be the origin of this reduction. Analysis are presented from the ASDEX-Upgrade as well as the Tore Supra tokamaks using ion cyclotron as well as lower hybrid waves. This indicate universality of this process despite the different thresholds.

Contact : Alexandre Escarguel


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