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par Céline MARTIN - publié le

CAsPEr is an experimental setup for surfaces with high specific surface area (powder, porous solids). It was developed to study especially ice surfaces of interest for the interstellar medium and materials for fusion in the context of the plasma-wall interaction.

CAsPEr performs adsorption isotherm measurements with high sensitivity in comparison with commercial BET apparatus and allows the specific surface area and porous volume measurement of samples.

It allows the simultaneous measurement of infrared isotherms for surface vibration modes or to follow the thermo desorption of samples using mass spectrometer.

It is composed of :

-  a vacuum chamber (10-8 mbar) with a calibrated volume
-  three capacitive pressure jauges (10-4-1000 mbar)
-  a turbo molecular pump and several electro pneumatic valves
-  a mass spectrometer
-  a tubular oven (Tmax=1400K)

It could be coupled to a Fourier Transform Infrared spectrometer through an cold isotherm cell equipped with diamond windows and regulated using a cryogenerator for temperature ranging from 300 to 30K.