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ANGOT Thierry

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Kagome-like silicene : A novel exotic form of two-dimensional epitaxial silicon
Y. Sassa, F.O.L. Johansson, A. Lindblad, M. G. Yazdi, K. Simonov, J. Weissenrieder, M. Muntwiler, F. Iyikanat, H. Sahin, T. Angot, E. Salomon, G. Le Lay
Applied Surface Science 530 (2020) 147195

The Sticking Probability of Ammonia Molecules on Tungsten and 316L Stainless Steel Surfaces
M. Minissale, J.-B. Faure, A. Dunand, T. Angot, G. De Temmerman, and R. Bisson
J. Phys. Chem. C 2020, XXXX, XXX, XXX-XXX, DOI:10.1021/acs.jpcc.0c03313

Hydrogen trapping in tungsten : impact of helium irradiation and thermal cycling
M. Ialovega, E. Bernard, R. Bisson, C. Martin, R. Sakamoto, A. Kreter, E. Hodille, T. Angot and C. Grisolia
Physica Scripta, Volume 2020, Number T171:014006(2020), DOI:10.1088/1402-4896/ab68bd

Comparison of dynamic deuterium retention in single-crystal and poly-crystals of tungsten : The role of natural defects
F. Ghiorghiu, M. Minissale, E.A. Hodille, C. Grisolia, T. Angot , R. Bisson
Nuclear Inst. and Methods in Physics Research B 461, 159–165 (2019), DOI:10.1016/j.nimb.2019.09.032

Patterned formation of enolate functional groups on the graphene basal plane
A. Cassidy,, S. Pedersen, H. Bluhm, V. Calisti, T. Angot , E. Salomon, R. Bisson and L. Hornekær,Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 2018, DOI : 10.1039/C8CP05730C

Fundamentals and functionalities of silicene, germanene, and stanene
M. Ezawa, E. Salomon, P. De Padova, D. Solonenkp, P. Vogt, M. E. Davila, A. Molle, T. Angot and G. Le Lay, Rivista del Nuovo Cimento, 41, 175 (2018).

The Orientation of Silver Surfaces Drives the Reactivity and the Selectivity in Homo-Coupling Reactions
N. Kalashnyk, E. Salomon, S.-H Mun, J. Jung, L. Giovanelli, T. Angot, F. Dumur, D. Gigmes and S. Clair, ChemPhysChem 19, 1802 (2018).

Exciting H2 Molecules for Graphene Functionalization
L. Kyhl, R. Bisson, R. Balog, M. N. Groves, E. L. Kolsbjerg, A. M. Cassidy, K. H. Jørgensen, S. Halkjær, J. A. Miwa, A. Grubišić Čabo, T. Angot , P. Hofmann, M. A. Arman, S. Urpelainen, P. Lacovig, L. Bignardi, H. Bluhm, J. Knudsen, B. Hammer, and L. Hornekaer, ACS Nano, 2018,

Elemental Two-Dimensional Materials Beyond Graphene
U. Schwingenschlögl, J. Zhu, T. Morishita, M. J.S. Spencer, P. De Padova, A. Generosi, B. Paci, C. Ottaviani, C. Quaresima, B. Olivieri, E. Salomon, T. Angot, G. Le Lay, H.J.W. Zandvliet, L. C. Lew Yan Voon, Physical Sciences Review, 7, 20160111 (2017).

Retention and Release of Hydrogen Isotopes in Tungsten Plasma Facing Components : the Role of Grain Boundaries and the Native Oxide Layer from a Joint Experiment-Simulation Integrated Approach
E.A. Hodille, F. Ghiorghiu, Y. Addab, A. Založnik, M. Minissale, Z. Piazza, C. Martin, T. Angot, L. Gallais, M.-F. Barthe, C.S. Becquart, S. Markelj, J. Mougenot, C. Grisolia and R. Bisson, Nuclear Fusion 57 076019 (2017).

On-surface synthesis of aligned functional nanoribbons monitored by scanning tunnelling microscopy and vibrational spectroscopy
N. Kalashnyk, K. Mouhat, J. Oh, J. Jung, Y. Xie, E. Salomon, T. Angot, F. Dumur, D. Gigmes and S. Clair
Nature Communications, DOI : 10.1038/ncomms14735

Hydrogenation of silicene films grown on Ag(111)
D. Beato-Medina, E. Salomon, G. Le Lay and T. Angot
Journal of Electron Spectroscopy and Related phenomena,

Multilayer silicene : clear evidence
P. De Padova, A. Generosi, B. Paci, C. Ottaviani, C. Quaresima, B. Olivieri, E. Salomon, T. Angot and G. Le Lay
2D Materials, 3 031011 (2016)

Diagnostics of low pressure hydrogen discharge created in a 13.56 MHz RF plasma reactor
J. Kristov, A Annušová, M. Anguš, P. Veis, X. Yank, T. Angot, P. Roubin and G. Cartry
Phys. Scr. 91 074009, 2016

Silicene : silicon conquers the 2D world
G. Le Lay, E. Salomon and T. Angot
Europhysics News, 47 1 (2016) 17-21 : DOI :

Hydrogenated graphene on Ir(111) : A HREELS study of the vibrational spectrum
L. Kyhl, R. Balog, T. Angot , L. Hornekær and R. Bisson
Physical Review B, 93, 115403 (2016).

P58 Study of hydrogen isotopes behavior in tungsten by a multi trapping macroscopic rate equation model
E. A Hodille, Y. Ferro, N. Fernandez, C. S. Becquart, T. Angot. J.-M. Layet, R. Bisson and C. Grisolia
Physica Scripta 01/2016 ; 2016(T167):014011.

P57 Dynamic fuel retention in tokamak wall materials : An in situ laboratory study of deuterium release from polycrystalline tungsten at room temperature
R. Bisson, S. Markelj, O. Mourey, F. Ghiorghiu, K. Achkasov, J.-M. Layet, P. Roubin, G. Cartry, C. Grisolia, T. Angot.
Journal of Nuclear Materials (2015), http://doi:10.1016/j.jnucmat.2015.07.028

P56 Macroscopic rate equation modeling of trapping/detrapping of hydrogen isotopes in tungsten materials“
E.A. Hodille, X. Bonnin, R. Bisson, T. Angot, C.S. Becquart, J.-M. Layet, and C. Grisolia, Journal of Nuclear Materials, http://doi:10.1016/j.jnucmat.2015.06.041

P55 "Correlation between Charge Transfer and Adsorption Site in CoPc Over layers Adsorbed on Ag(100)"
E. Salomon, D. Beato-Medina, A. Verdini, A.Cossaro, D. Cvetko, G. Kladnik, L. Floreano, and T. Angot.
Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 119,23422 (2015),

P54 Increasing the lego of 2D electronics materials : silicene and germanene, graphene’s new synthetic cousins
G. Le Lay, E. Salomon, T. Angot, M. Davila
Proc. SPIE 9467, Micro- and Nanotechnology Sensors, Systems, and Applications VII, 94670U (2015) ; doi:10.1117/12.2177127

P53 24 hours stability of thick multilayer silicene in air
P. de Padova, C. Ottaviani, C. Quaresima, B. Olivieri, P. Imperatori, E. Salomon, T. Angot, L. Quagliano, C. Romano, A. Vona, M. Muniz-Miranda, A. Generosi, B. Paci, and G. Le Lay.
2D Materials. 1, 021003 (2014).

P52 The Rise of Elemental Two-Dimensional Materials Beyond Graphene
G. Le Lay, E. Salomon, P. De Padova, J.-M. Layet, and T. Angot
Aust. J. Chem. 67, 1370-1372 (2014),

P51 Growth and structural properties of silicene at multilayer coverage.
E. Salomon, R. El Ajouri, G. Le Lay and T. Angot, Journal of Physics, Condensed Matter, 26, 185003 (2014).

P50 Deuterium adsorption on (and desorption from) SiC(0001)-(3×3), (√3×√3)R30°, (6√3×6√3)R30° and quasi-free standing graphene obtained by hydrogen intercalation, F.C. Bocquet, R. Bisson, J.-M. Themlin, J.-M. Layet, and T. Angot, Journal of Physics D : applied physics, 47, 094014 (2014)

P49 “Characterization of temperature-induced changes in amorphous hydrogenated carbon thin films”
C. Hopf, T. Angot, E. Aréou, Thomas Dürbeck, W. Jacob, C. Martin, C. Pardanaud, P. Roubin, T. Scwarz-Selinger, Diamond and Related Materials, 37, 97 (2013)

P48 “Electronic structure of CoPc adsorbed on Ag(100) : Evidence for molecule-substrate interaction mediated by Co 3d orbitals”
E. Salomon, P. Amsalem, N. Narom, V. Vondracek, L. Kronik, N. Koch and T. Angot, Phys. Rev. B. 87, 075407 (2013)

P47 “Interpretation of valence band photoemission spectra at organic-metal interfaces”
L. Giovanelli, F. C. Bocquet, P. Amsalem, H.-L. Lee, M. Abel, S. Clair, M. Koudia, T. Faury, L. Petaccia, D. Topwa, E. Salomon, T. Angot, A. A. Cafolla, N. Koch, L. Porte, A. Goldoni, and J.-M. Themlin, Phys. Rev. B. 87, 035413 (2013)

P46 “Reversible Hydrogenation of Deuterium-Intercalated Quasi-Free-Standing Graphene on SiC(0001)”
F.C. Bocquet, R. Bisson, J.-M. Themlin, J.-M. Layet and T. Angot, Phys. Rev. B. : Rapid Communications, 85, 201401 (2012)

P45 “Collective mode in a well-ordered organic monolayer”
E. Salomon, J.-M. Layet and T. Angot, Phys. Rev. B 85,125420 (2012).

P44 “Raman micro-spectroscopy as a tool to measure the absorption coefficient and the erosion rate of hydrogenated amorphous carbon films heat-treated under hydrogen bombardment”
C. Pardanneau, E. Aréou, C. Martin, R. Ruffe, T. Angot, P. Roubin, C. Hopf, T. Schwarz-Sellinger, W. Jacob, Diamond and Rela. Mat. 22,92 (2012).

P43 “Modification of physical properties of silicon nannowires by selective adsorption : from atomic hydrogen to molecules”
E. Salomon and T. Angot, Science of Advanced Materials 3,354-361 (2011).

P42 “Structural properties of iron phtalocyanines on Ag(111) : from submonolayer to monolayer range”
S.C. Bobaru, E. Salomon, J.-M. Layet and T. Angot, The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 115,5875 (2011).

P41 “Hydrogen-graphite interaction : experimental evidences of an adsorption barrier”
E. Aréou, G. Cartry, J.-M. Layet and T. Angot, J. Chem. Phys. 134,014701 (2011).

P40 “Raman study of CFC tiles extracted from the toroidal pump limiter of Tore Supra ”
C. Pardanneau, G. Giacometti, C. Martin, R. Ruffe, T. Angot, E. Aréou, B. Pégourié, E. Tsitrone, T. Dittmar, C. Hopf, W. Jacob, T. Schwarz-Sellinger, P. Roubin, Journal of Nuclear Materials 415,S254-S257 (2011).

P39 “Valence band photoemission from the Zn-Phthalocyanine/Ag(110) interface : Charge transfer and scattering of substrate photoelectrons”
L. Giovanelli, P. Amsalem, T. Angot, L. Petaccia, S. Gorovikov, L. Porte, A. Goldoni and J.-M. Themlin, Phys. Rev B. 82,125431 (2010).

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P35 “ Strong interactions in dye-sensitized interfaces ”
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P33 “Lead-phthalocyanine films studied by Near Edge X-ray Absorption Fine Structure Spectroscopy”
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