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English version of the group activities

general introduction

The group’s research concerns the interaction between one or several lasers and ions in a radio-frequency trap, for applications ranging from optical frequency metrology to the control of the (...)

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Dynamics and organisation of large laser-cooled clouds

One of the purpose of the TADOTI project is the understanding of the interplay between Coulomb interactions and confinement potential in the self-organization of trapped ions. Along with the (...)

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Organisation of laser cooled ions in a multipole linear trap

Confining ions in multipole trap allows to form unsual structures for Coulomb cristals, made of hollow-core concentric layers. These surprising systems are an interesting test bed for stuctural (...)

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optical frequency metrology

Due to their very long confinement times, ranging from seconds to days, and the controlled experimental conditions, laser cooled trapped ions are ideal candidates for many high-precision (...)

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